A New Twist on Wood.

Glitch became a reality in 2011 after many years of working with wood, I realized I wanted to share my designs and products. Learning and discovering the many varieties of wood has been a journey which I hope never ceases to end. Each piece of wood tells a story and shares a personality making the different items unique and individualized.  The fun of working with wood is that you have the ability to make each piece speak to you.  I have created and developed pieces that are functional, unique and bearing its own signature each and every time.

Pieces made from Bourbon and Wine barrels opens to so many different and creative ideas.   I am always looking for more ideas.  The wood these are made of in most cases in white Oak.  Such a beautiful piece to work with.  Great grains and character.

Cedar chests are our most sought after items and one of our favorite projects.  Each chest can be designed for that special someone and become a heirloom to pass on through the generations.  Imagine all the memories that one chest can contain.

Keep sake boxes continue with that same theme.  Small in size, but very specialized and personal in design.  Each box can be designed to your specific wants and needs.

Our transition from hobby to today has provided great pleasure and satisfaction.  Each piece is one of a kind, because each piece of wood is different and unique in its own way. Each piece is a gift that offers quality and wonderful character.  All products can be customized to your wishes.  For additional information, please contact me!


The wood is rich with character, grains, and personality.  We like to say —Wood with a fun twist!